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The Paradise Catcher
Chasing The Dream & Celebrating The Everyday

The Paradise Catcher was founded by former British Vogue Associate Publisher, Emily Armstrong:

"Raised in Australia with a love of golden beaches and wide open countryside, I then spent 15 years living in and loving London. It was from here that I embarked on worldwide travel -  particularly enjoying European summers - deepened my love of fashion and style, and landed a dream role at British Vogue. And I took notes on everything along the way!

Some of my favourite travel memories are of the iconic beaches in France, Italy and Spain and watching chic women tote basket bags from the beach to bar... After moving back to Sydney, I launched the label in 2017 as a side hustle that expanded quickly both in Australia and abroad. I moved to Singapore in 2018 where I am now based with my husband and three small children. I am so excited to continue to expand our offering and audience from here while still keeping a presence in Australia (for the pop-ups at least!)."

The Paradise Catcher celebrates the 'everyday' and has fun chasing the dream of endless summers, global travel and timeless style. We provide seasonal essentials with customisation at heart.

With our classic French-style beach baskets, you can order as is, or have some fun by selecting motifs in summer themes such as the anchor, evil eye or crab. You can then join the global style set with personalisation - monogramming your initials, name or family. 

Stay tuned for new collections launching in 2020 - from classic beach towels that can be personalised to canvas cross-body bags with embroidered initials, tees with embroidered motifs, string market bags in gorgeous colours, striped tote bags, and some fun collaborations.

Please tag us as we love to see your travels in style. Do get in touch with any feedback or ideas, I'd love to hear from you!

See you on your travels!

Emily x
Founder / Dreamer / Summer Lover